Wellness Movement
Ange Palmer
Yoga Teacher and Medical Herbalist
Co-founder of Wellness Movement
About me
I gained my Diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine in 2002 from The Canterbury College of Natural Medicine. I have also trained in Natural Fertility Management and have worked extensively with reproductive health issues, endocrine and digestive disorders, and fatigue. I'm passionate about plant medicine.

I have always had a strong connection to nature. As a young St John Ambulance cadet I spent weekends assisting in rest homes with elders, and I remember visiting the Weleda medicinal gardens and being enthralled by the scent of lemon balm as we walked through a huge patch of the vibrant herb. I did my last year of high school in Indonesia and at 21 worked on an ethnobotanical research expedition in the Sumatran rainforest witnessing indigenous people who totally depended on the plants for their healthcare. I was in awe of their integration with their environs.

Motherhood inspired me to learn more about wellbeing within a natural context – homeopathy, yoga, whole foods and herbs became a part of everyday life. I founded Moontime Aotearoa, an enterprise offering washable menstrual cloths in the early nineties (no longer my business), and have a long involvement in environmental activities. Co-producing 2 Degrees, a feature documentary about climate justice released in 2013, added to my insight and skills. In 2016 I completed a three year, advanced 2000 hour Compassionate Practitioner training in Ashtanga Yoga with senior teacher Dena Kingsberg and this is now foundational in my life and work.

A co-founder of both The Nelson Herbal Dispensary, and Wellness Movement, I live in the Victory neighbourhood and have a strong community ethos. I am also a shareholder in a native bush sanctuary in the Pelorus Valley and love to ride horses in the mountains. I'm also very keen on cows and sea turtles.

I practice in the Wellness Clinic and currently teach private yoga sessions only.

Member of the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists

Herbal Medicine Consultations
As a first time client you will need to book a 90 minute appointment. Yes! It is comprehensive. I address most health conditions and will assess your diet and lifestyle, health history and family health trends along with investigating all your body systems to gain a whole picture of health in order to restore wellbeing. I take an in-depth case, check your blood pressure, and may perform a physical examination and refer for blood tests if necessary.

I typically employ liquid herbal tinctures or herbal tablets in my treatment and sometimes I will recommend nutritional supplements. The cost of these is NOT included in the consultation fee.
I also utilise flower essences to address emotional concerns in some cases.

My approach is not a quick fix. For most chronic health issues expect a course of treatment over 3-6 months. Follow up appointments will probably be required so that I can support you on your road to wellness. This is a partnership – It is probably time for some changes and I will help you to feel empowered and knowledgeable to take the necessary steps.

Book your appointment now!
You can choose a convenient time for your first consult,
a follow up appointment or a free short chat
to help you assess whether my treatment approach feels right for you.
Contact by email is best in the first instance.

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