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Claire Langley
Yuan Qigong Teacher
About me
Like every other child, for as long as I can remember, I have been trying to make sense of the world. As a young adult I came to the realization that the Western paradigm I grew up in didn't have the answers to some of my questions. I naturally searched for answers elsewhere. Despite the many inspiring books I read I was not yet prepared to look inside myself for some of these answers.

In 2008, the cancer journey of a close family member propelled me into the health field and led me to search for treatments of all kinds. As I explored the meaning and understanding of health across different cultures I came across many well documented "healing miracles" where people who had life-threatening diseases had somehow recovered in totally unexpected ways. I wondered what were the "laws" underlying all these amazing recoveries. After years of searching, reading and exploring different modalities I found Yuan Qigong and REN XUE. (The Chinese words "REN XUE " mean "The Science of Human Life" and this is the system Yuan Qigong belongs to.)

I was ready to start looking inside myself and immediately started training to become a Yuan Qigong teacher.

The REN XUE theories behind the practice also helped me join the dots and shine the light on the "laws of life" or principles underlying health and wellbeing. Sound and comprehensive these theories offer us an extensive knowledge of the role our consciousness plays in our life. As this science focuses on health rather than disease it makes it a very effective and complementary tool to add to our medical kit.

I am now a qualified Level 5 Yuan Qigong teacher and recently became a certified hypnotherapist. I am passionate about deepening our understanding of consciousness, its influence on our life and helping others with the tools of Yuan Qigong & hypnotherapy. Our consciousness is one of the most powerful aspect of our life yet it is still not well understood and utilized in our society today.

I am offering Yuan Qigong classes at Wellness Movement every Monday as well as private Qigong and hypnotherapy sessions.

Expand your mind and heal your body
Qigong classes

Mondays 10.30am - 12.00pm
$15 per class

A gentle form of exercise, Qigong works on the whole of life by aligning the physical movements with the mind & the breath. The benefits of exercise increase exponentially when these dimensions are added.

What we do

Qigong is part of a very ancient system of health care. It takes its roots in traditional Chinese Medicine as well as martial arts.
"Gong" means "cultivation" and "Qi" is often translated as "energy" or "life force". Hence Qigong is the cultivation of our life force or energy.
As life is seen as a totality of body, mind and Qi (life force or energy) Qigong works on all these aspects of life integrating movement, breathing, consciousness (mind) and Qi (pronounced Chee) in one gentle practice of both movement and stillness.

The benefits from this practice can be felt very quickly, even after one session.

About Yuan Qigong
Qigong is a very safe and gentle form of exercise which is part of a very ancient Chinese system of health care. Yuan Qigong is a modern and innovative Qigong system which can be used to maintain health and wellbeing or to support conventional treatments and enhance their effectiveness. It can be practised regardless of one's condition. Even people who are bedridden can get the benefits from the practice. This is because unlike most physical exercises, in Yuan Qigong, physical movement is only one aspect of the practice.

Yuan Qigong integrates movement, posture, breathing, consciousness (mind) and Qi (pronounced Chee) to improve life. The benefits of exercise increase exponentially when these dimensions are added.

Practicing Yuan Qigong helps increase mental clarity, improves internal strength and stability and helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support illness and negative emotions.

About Ren Xue

REN XUE literally means "Science of Human Life". It is a holistic system that draws upon ancient wisdom culture, contemporary philosophy and modern science to improve and elevate life. REN XUE draws knowledge from Traditional Chinese Wisdom Culture such as Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua, and Martial Arts along with modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology.

For more information on it visit REN XUE INTERNATIONAL - https://renxueinternational.org


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