Wellness Movement
Jo Monaghan
Yoga Teacher
About me
I'm an architect and a yoga teacher and recently moved to Nelson from Auckland for a life closer to nature and all this region has to offer.
I believe that Yoga is all about connection. Connection to oneself, to nature, to energy, to others. Yoga, for me has always uplifted me and enabled me to thrive and become more in flow with life, able to meet its challenges with greater ease.
I am relatively new to teaching yoga, having been lucky enough to attend a class run by Eoin Finn at Wanderlust, I felt inspired to quit my corporate job in Auckland and travel to Bali to do my Blissology yoga teacher training with him. Founded by yogi, surfer and Blissologist Eoin Finn in 1999 Blissology is a yoga system which explores strategies for bringing more joy, awe, love and bliss into our lives.
I'm excited to be able to share this style of yoga with you in Nelson.

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops
Since making the move to Mapua, Jo has finished teaching a weekly class at Wellness Movement. However, she hopes to run some workshops from the space in the future.
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