Wellness Movement

Sadly Wellness Movement has now closed due to the effects of COVID-19. Thanks to all who have supported us here over the last 3 years. Limited classes and practitioner services are on offer in our studios until the end of July - Kelsey for yoga, Liz for reflexology and massage, Penny for restorative exercise and Ange for herbal medicine.

There are exciting new developments afoot - we will be updating this website shortly with further info. Stand by! We will continue to check emails and get back to any queries as soon as we can.

Kim McCormack
About me
Hi there. I'm a qualified natural health practitioner – a Naturopath. I offer naturopathic consultations (full and mini) to suit the health needs of each individual. I have access to a wide variety of tools to assist with well-being and can also create personalised remedies, matched to each client. I have experience in working with clients of all ages, and am especially able to work with children due to my background in education.

I am also a qualified reflexologist and massage therapist and offer relaxing, therapeutic treatments.
021 2766731 for appointments
Please contact me if you would like to make an appointment or if you have any questions about the services I offer.
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