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Lindsay Fox
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
About me
I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and 'health' has been a life interest.

As a child swimming in rivers, playing in the foothills and family camping holidays, cultivated my love of being in nature and with family as a 'resource for health'. In later years whilst travelling for 8 months in South East Asia, living with people who were happy with few material possessions and eating a simple diet enlightened me to life's great treasure 'health'.

With the practice of Yoga, Chi Kung and Meditation, a love of Music, Reading and Cooking (gleaned from my Mum), a special interest in 'gut health' (focusing on fermented and whole foods) my 'resources for health' were bolstered.

My partner of 30 years and I have 3 children. My studies and skills have been driven by an interest in the 'emotional health' of Women in particular Mothers. I naturally progressed into studying the 'physical, mental and emotional health' of Early Childhood and Primary aged Children including those with Special Needs in particular those on the Autism spectrum.

It was through dealing with Cancer that led me to a deeper self-scrutiny, my own 'health' and family became paramount.

While receiving Chemotherapy I accepted the offer of Craniosacral Therapy. For me, Cranio has become another 'resource for health', it's been instrumental in releasing held trauma, resetting a hypersensitive nervous system (reducing stress/anxiety), relieving chronic back pain, giving me clarity and renewed vitality.

Once again I acknowledged life's greatest treasure 'health', it encouraged me to further my skills and study the Therapy and I have since added 'Working with Mothers, Babies and Children' within the paradigm.

'Cranio" is a subtle and profound hands-on body healing form founded in Osteopathy.

It supports 'health' by assisting the body's natural ability to self-repair. Listening to the body through 'Cranio' touch can bring about a reorganisation that is physiological, psychological and emotional.

To read more on the therapy please visit my website www.shantitherapy.co.nz

Investment in Health for 50min Sessions

Adults $80

(First session will be longer at same rate)

Seniors $60

Baby/Child/Student $50

(40 min session)

Concessions available on request

Ph: 027 399 7203
email: lindsay.fox@outlook.com

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