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Penny Olsen
Restorative Exercise Specialist
Movement Coach
Co-founder of Wellness Movement
About me
Much of my working life has been spent in the health and wellness setting. As a former Physiotherapist, Health Promoter at Public Health, Outdoor Instructor and Massage Therapist I have been lucky to work in a variety of interesting settings around the world - from hospitals and private practice to a resort in the Canary Islands and an outdoor education centre in Malaysia.

These roles have given me a unique insight to the finer details and larger issues relating to movement, pain, illness and injuries and the contribution of our lifestyles to these. We live in a time where there are so many preventable injuries and illnesses. I am especially interested in how our environments shape our bodies and influence our movement and health.

I am also passionate about plants, compost and permaculture and love being outside. I am always seeking out ways to bring more meaningful, productive movement into my life.

When I discovered a new type of movement education for health called Nutritious Movement, I was immediately drawn to its logic and enrolled in the US based certification which I studied over two years. It was the perfect evolution for my skills and interests and I am now one of just four registered Restorative Exercise Specialists in New Zealand. I'm excited to be introducing this new approach to everyday movement to Nelsonians - by way of group classes and one on one sessions.
About Restorative Exercise

There has never been a time in history where we have moved so little. The old adage 'move it or lose it' has never been so fitting.
Restorative exercise will show you that 'move more' is only half the message. Your body definitely needs to move more (including more variety, frequency and range) but also .... you need to move more of you.
There are parts of you that are hardly moving at all! Restorative Exercise brings awareness and new movement to these smaller, neglected, often nagging areas of your body so that you can move better to feel better.
I teach people how to identify and fill in some of their weak spots with corrective exercises so that they have stronger, more functional, bodies.
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Movement Lab
-Restorative Exercise Classes
Decreasing muscle and joint pain, becoming stronger, improving flexibility, and feeling more agile can all be a positive spin-off from paying more attention to how you move.

Restorative Exercise classes focus on on the finer details of movement, taking your body through a set of simple and effective exercises that expose your movement habits and your alignment and show you how you can change these for a better outcome.

Movement classes and workshops are an educational exercise session giving you tools to help integrate these concepts into your everyday life.

Monthly Free 'Introduction to Alignment' Class
Please contact penny@restorativeexercise.nz to register your place. Limited space available.

Alignment Basics Course- 5 week course
Next course starting November

Shoulder and Upper Back Focus- 3 week series
Starting October 13th

Garden Moves- 3 week series
Starting October 12th

Educational Movement Workshops -starting in Spring
-Pain-free Gardening- 7th October. (Full)
Restorative Exercise
Private Sessions
If you want a more in-depth understanding of how your current alignment and movement habits are contributing to your movement issues then working one-on-one with me might be the option for you.

My role is not to diagnose and treat conditions but to help you discover your movement habits and teach you ways of moving that can help change the way you feel.

I have relationships with local registered health practitioners and can work in with their treatment plans if you have specific treatment goals you are working towards.

$70 for an hour private session

It is beneficial to attend the free 'Introduction to Alignment' session to give you a jump start into the framework of this approach.
Specific workshops and themed small group courses are being developed. If you are interested in joining a mini course or would like to book a private session please contact Penny by email to discuss your options.
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