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Sam Loe
Yoga and Relaxation Teacher
About me
My practice and teaching come from a somatic place of listening deeply within, which is a skill that I have developed with support from my teachers. I have been blessed to have studied in depth with Donna Farhi and through her guidance have been opened up to a truly loving and sustainable practice. She also introduced me to Restorative Yoga which has become one of my staples and I love to share it with my community. In recent years I have studied the non-dual teachings of Yoga with Dr. Richard Miller to become a Level 2 certified iRest Yoga Nidra instructor.

With nearly two decades of yoga practice under my belt I feel so grateful to have had a practice to guide and support me through some challenging times, especially as a mother, as well as delight in and appreciate the good times.

I offer conscious movement and Restorative Yoga classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats here where I live in Nelson, New Zealand. I am a registered as a Level 1 and 2 iRest teacher.

Restore Your Self
Nest course: 7 February - 11 April 2019
Thursday 11:15am-12:30pm (notice new day and start time!)
Investment: $15 drop in

The radical art of Restorative yoga is a counter cultural thing to do. In a busy and striving world this class supports you to take care of yourself and restore any feeling of overwhelm and overdoing. Find ease and be guided through a deeply nourishing class that explores some gentle somatic movement to kindly connect with your body followed by tension releasing restorative postures. Your experience may be accompanied by guided meditation, poetry or yogic self-inquiry as well as an invitation to connect with the ground of simply being and silence. These classes are welcoming, gentle, trauma sensitive and at a pace that allows the student to connect with the natural breath and their own needs. All blankets and props provided.

Book in now for some well earned rest.

Nourishing Yoga Moves
Next course: 7 February - 11 April 2019
Thursdays 9.30am -10:45am
Investment: $15 drop in

These classes offer a yoga practice that cultivates curiosity and mindfulness. Enjoy a somatic experience that prioritises a sense of being kind to yourself and moving in a way that feeds your mind, body and soul. The emphasis is on inquiry rather than exercise – more about how a movement feels rather than how it looks. In this series of classes we will explore various tools and visualisations that create stability on the body and mind as we move though a strengthening sequence including yoga asanas and other body shapes and practices.
Book in now to come back to your centre and find inner strength.
Sunday Yoga Circles
Every 6 weeks, as the seasonal celebrations roll around I'll be offering a Sunday Yoga Circle. It's an opportunity for you to attend a gentle yoga and restorative ritual where you can rest and reflect on your own seasonal changes and intentions. They will be similar to last year's Lazy Sunday Afternoons. See here for more: Sunday Circles with Sam
Next Circle...

Spring Equinox – Sunday 23rd September

Beginning of Summer – Sunday 28th October

Summer Solstice – Friday 21st December

Contact me with any questions about courses and bookings I will be glad to help.
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