Wellness Movement

Sadly Wellness Movement has now closed due to the effects of COVID-19. Thanks to all who have supported us here over the last 3 years. Limited classes and practitioner services are on offer in our studios until the end of July - Kelsey for yoga, Liz for reflexology and massage, Penny for restorative exercise and Ange for herbal medicine.

There are exciting new developments afoot - we will be updating this website shortly with further info. Stand by! We will continue to check emails and get back to any queries as soon as we can.

Vikki Wilkinson
Counsellor, Yoga Teacher, Yogic Therapist
About me
It is now widely accepted that our modern lifestyle and environment (epigenetics) greatly impacts our mental health – including trauma, stress, mind/body split, disconnection, grief, depression, anxiety and anger – which can manifest as physical symptoms such as immune system disorders, heart issues, chronic fatigue, cancer, hypertension and arthritis amongst others, if not addressed at the cause.

Having been on the journey to wholeness all my life, I have found a combination of holistic Eastern and modern Western practices to be the best tools for this lifetimes' work. To this end I bring a unique blend of modern psychodynamic counselling and ancient yogic psychology practices, mixed with a deep compassion and humour, to support and guide you in reconnecting with your innate true self, reintegrating the body/mind/spirit and accessing your full potential.

I believe no matter what our history, beliefs, age or outlook we all crave inner peace, balance and a desire to live life with joy, passion, creativity and harmony. It is my passion to support and empower you to discover your unique therapeutic process, tailored to your specific needs, and my honour to walk alongside you on this path.

Slow Yoga
11:30 -12:45 Thursdays

Blending Classical Hatha Yoga with cutting edge neuroscience and psychology, Slow Yoga is a unique practice ideally suited to modern life. Classes combine gentle asana (postures), pranayama (energy/breath work) and mindfulness/meditation techniques (including Yoga Nidra) to support you to gain strength, flexibility and balance in all aspects of life.

Slow Yoga is suitable for all levels of experience and ability – all you need is an open mind, and an open heart.

Cost: $70 for 6 class pass- to be used within 2 months of first class taken; or $14 casual/drop in. If finances an issue please contact me and we can sort something out.
Contact me with any questions about my counselling, yoga classes or yogic therapy, or if you would like to book an appointment or block course.
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