Wellness Movement
Are the classes you offer suitable for every skill level?
Most classes are suitable for beginners. We also have specialist advanced yoga classes. Your teacher will advise you on the appropriate movement for your body. There is no pressure to 'perform'.

How do I choose a class that is right for me?
We suggest you try every style – it's the best way to find yours. Our teachers and practitioners all offer something a little bit special, and of course differ from each other in their approach.
(For more information on the different styles of Yoga in particular, see our page Yoga Defined)
What are your Prices?
All our teachers & practitioners work independently. Check on their individual Bio Page for a list of Prices and Concessions for their class, or particular modality session rate in the Wellness Clinic.
In general in the Yoga & Movement studios, classes range from $10 - $18 per class with '10 class' concession passes offered from some teachers.

How long are classes?
An average movement class or wellness session takes 60 minutes. We also have 50 minute lunchtime sessions and 90 minute classes. Ashtanga yoga offers flexible start times within their timeframe. Check the timetable to find out more.
Do you have EFTPOS, Credit card facilities at Wellness Movement? How do I pay?
Some teachers & practitioners have mobile EFTPOS and other take cash or payments online.
How do I go about booking a massage, counseling session or other natural & holistic health appointments?
At this time Wellness Movement does not provide a reception service or central booking system. Check on the practitioner's profile page for contact details and book directly with them.
Do I need to bring my own mat?
We always encourage people to bring their own mats although we do have a supply of mats and equipment available to use. We also have quality, eco-friendly yoga mats for sale.
What do I wear?
Dress comfortably for stretching and movement. We ask that you avoid perfumes and scented deodorants. Remove your shoes before entering the studio. It is good etiquette in a movement class to arrive clean. We have shower available. And of course, please turn your phone off.
What is the studio like?
Wellness Movement is a light, airy space with an urban loft vibe. Our beautiful wooden floors speak for themselves (literally!)
We know that it will be exciting to be here, you'll be inspired by your sessions, and catching up with friends and meeting new people. That's what Wellness Movement is all about.
Do I have to be quiet?
Because we have FOUR spaces – two movement studios, a consultation room and a retail area, there may be lots going on.
So...please keep your voice low in our space. Embrace quietude. Imagine that there may be a massage going on, or a deeply relaxing yoga session next door. Yes, Wellness Movement is mindful space, aware of others - so quiet is required at times.
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