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Thomas Spring

Yoga and Feldenkrais Teacher and Biofeedback Practitioner
About me
While growing up in Switzerland I always took a keen interest in sports. In my late teens karate became my passion. My sensei (teacher) encouraged me to become an instructor. For me, teaching by blending the traditional values of discipline, power and respect with the newest training methods was a creative process.
I worked as a joiner and after further study, qualified in project management. Soon after this, I visited my brother Andy in New Zealand. My appreciation of the Kiwi lifestyle led to the decision to stay.
I first became involved with Satyananda Yoga as it is taught by Bihar School of Yoga, in 1997. In 2001 I had the good fortune to spend 4 months in India at the Yoga University. Over the following two years I completed the teachers' training in Australia (2600h).
I like the integrated approach of Satyananda Yoga, where the needs of body, mind and emotions are addressed. Asanas strengthen and bring ease to the physical body. Pranayama balances the autonomic nervous system allowing the mind to become calm, yet alert. Yoga Nidra (which was developed by Swami Satyananda) gives the experience of deep relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is a stepping stone towards meditation as it prepares the mind to internalize.
Various meditations are used to discover your inner resources and enhance your ability to reflect and analyze.
A typical class begins and ends by sitting still and becoming present. This is followed by asanas and pranayamas, yoga nidra and in some classes a meditation.
Satyananda Yoga is a gentle form of yoga suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. It is rooted in tradition but is also evolving, incorporating the learnings from current scientific research in order to meet the needs of today's society.
For more information email: wellspringnz@yahoo.co.nz
Yoga Classes

Please contact me for current options or check my personal website.

Satyananda Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, suitable for all ages and level of fitness.

A typical class begins and ends by sitting still and becoming present.

This is followed by asana practice (postures) and pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation and in some classes a meditation.

Monday lunch class: Experience the gentle stretches of yoga nidra to feel relaxed and refreshed.
The brain and the nervous system organize the interplay between the skeleton and muscles.
In the Feldenkrais® method we improve the brain's capacity to organize the dance between the two.
Our focus is on your potential rather than your problems. By improving the coordination of different muscle groups, movement becomes more enjoyable and powerful
Benefits include:
 Speed up the recovery when dealing with injury or chronic pain
 Maintain an active lifestyle as you get older, enhancing balance and confidence.
 Enhance your performance in work, art, sport and leisure.
By appointment

Biofeedback sessions $80

Biofeedback is a tool that helps you manage stress helps you stay in control. In biofeedback, sensors are used to provide visual feedback how the breath influences the heart rate.
When you regulate your breath the heart starts to function at an optimal level. This way of breathing generates lower brain waves, enhances digestion
and other bodily functions. It enhances learning and recall of information.

"Thomas has taught me how to manage and overcome my anxiety and fears.
Using breathing as part of the biofeedback method helps me to stay calm while public speaking and other stressful situations in my life"

Please contact me with any questions about my services, I will be glad to help.
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