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Marnie Goldthorpe

Massage Therapist
About me
Diploma in Holistic Massage
Certificates in Myofascial Release

I practice holistic massage and also utilise the technique of myofascial release in my work on the body, with the intention of bringing ease and release. Holistic massage uses traditional massage techniques to work on the soft tissues of the body. The aim is also to treat the person as a whole, by treating the body while also facilitating mental relaxation. Myofascial Release works on the fascia which is present throughout the body and interacts with its other tissues to help create and maintain structure. The subtle stretching and resettling of the fascia allows for release and recovery in the body.

My decision to train as a massage therapist is a result of my interest in the human body and how it works, as well as an intuitive tendency to both nurture and problem-solve. It has also evolved out of a longterm personal yoga practice and enjoyment of physical exercise – and my own appreciation of the experience of massage and the benefits it can have for every person.

My personality tends to combine a mixture of science, curiosity, creativity and spirituality as well as an interest in and struggle with the condition of being human – and I think effective massage combines all of these facets! A focus on wellbeing and the importance of taking care of ourselves and others has grown with me over the past decade, and I hope to continue to grow and learn as a wellness practitioner.

Holistic Massage and Myofascial Release
30 minute session $45
60 minute session $75
90 minute session $95
Student discount (any age with ID!) $60/60mins.
Your session will be tailored to your needs and preferences.
027 3448384
Phone or text for appointments

Please contact me with any questions about the work I do or if you would like to make an appointment.
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