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Liz van Beek

Reflexologist and Acupressure Practitioner
Massage Therapist
About me
Liz has naturally blended her love of the outdoors with her curiosity of physiology and anatomy. She spent 20 years in the adventure guiding and conservation industries; tramping, rafting, caving and climbing her way around the globe. How the body reacts to various environments (mental & physical) spiked her interest early on; she knows first-hand how important it is for these two qualities to be in unison.

Consciously taking a step out of guiding she retrained in holistic health majoring in Reflexology and Acupressure, with the base of massage and its various forms (CAMTC qualified). Liz ran her holistic health business in California, USA where she lived for 5 years and during this time she sat on the Board of Directors for the Reflexology Association of California, ran workshops and volunteered her skills at various cancer support centres. Another highlight, although daunting, was presenting Reflexology seminars to doctors' groups in San Francisco Bay Area hospitals, somewhat more intimidating than her village audiences in Nepal when sharing her love of reflexology through The Mountain Fund medical trek.

Liz taught at McKinnon Body Therapy Centre in California and underwent training with The World Reflexology Foundation under the guidance of Bill Flocco; she now runs free workshops on their behalf.

Keep an eye out for her monthly reflexology barefoot walks in the local area, all welcome and YES, you can bring your shoes !

Acupressure – Traditional Chinese Medicine modality utilizing meridians of acupuncture however without the use of needles. Greatly supports harmony and misalignments for the physical, spiritual and mental body. Clothed

Reflexology – Utilizing unique maps of the feet, hand and ears. Reflexology aids the body back to homeostasis by way of hand pressure triggering the nervous and circulatory system. Benefits are vast and varied: may include stress reduction, hormone rebalance, sleep management. Clothed

Lymphatic Drainage – The lymphatic system is responsible for waste elimination. This light pressure massage technique opens and supports flow of lymphatic ducts and vessels. Improvement in movement, skin tone, edema and oncology related distresses are benefitted. Partially clothed.

Oncology Massage – Specific massage techniques in support of bodies with cancer. This modality considers contributing factors such as Emotional awareness, medical history, cancer treatments and side effects (of the pathology and medications). Optional clothed.

Swedish Massage – Relaxing massage which benefits stress, tension and toxin release. Gliding strokes and firm pressure are applied directly to the skin with the aid of oil. Please note, this massage differs from deep tissue and sports massage. Disrobed.

Table Shiatsu – A form of Japanese bodywork in which the meridians are utilized (as in acupressure / acupuncture). This practice includes light stretches and applied pressure, some claim it to be complimentary to deep tissue. Clothed.


60 minutes ~ $80

90 minute ~ $120

Student and Super Gold ~ Less 15% with ID

Monthly Monday's (4 consecutive Mondays) ~ 60 mins $300, 90 mins $440

Phone 021 644 402



Feel free to contact me about my services, workshops & barefoot walks, I will be glad to help.

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